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Smile icon used for the Hovski brand.

hello, my name is
Annie PAndolfi

creative designer

Festive holiday illustration for the christmas season. Image is doves holding holiday holly's gathered around a festive bell, that reads NOEL.
Cute floral illustration of a hand giving the rock on symbol and is surrounded by different flowers and leaves. Illustration is encased in a diamond shape on a lavender background.
Cute flat retro illustration of two blue hands holding up a coffee wave that says, Coffee Tuesday. Illustration is on a light pink background with bolder pink leaves and a bold coffee wave in the background.
Hot and spicy illustration for Valentines day! Custom illustration showcasing a retro sexy match box.
Freehand cartoon illustration of a bald sphynx cat sitting in an oval shape on a dark purple background.
Image shot by Remi Theriault, from House of Commons studio.
 Annie Pandolfi, RGD. Senior Designer + Illustrator. Experience in logo design, brand design, website design, and packaging design. Specializes in cannabis and craft alcohol. Illustration done by Chelle Lorenzen.
Brand Identity
Package Design
Web Design
Concept Dev.
Graphic Design
Smile icon used for the Hovski brand.

My work is a reflection of the unique experience, perspective and insight I show up with every day. I build brand systems that make sense. I create visuals that are polished while still deeply weird and very human. I’m always learning new skills to bring even more to my craft.

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