Saunders Cider

Brand Identity + Package Design

Saunders Farm is an award-winning agri-tourism destination that's attracted millions of visitors. In 2021, they added a cidery to their operations that needed a visual language that captured the relaxed, approachable, and high-quality vibes when visiting the farm. I led and created a scalable visual identity that would allow Saunders Farm the opportunity to expand into new horizons. I created their package design, built a unique illustration style to help elevate their cans to stand out on the shelf at the LCBO, and helped create plenty of designs for their merchandise. If that isn't cool enough, I also designed their slick vehicle designs you'll witness when you get some ciders delivered to your doorstep! The success of their first flavour led them to launch six more delicious options, new bottle options, and their brand new 0% cider.