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about us

We help independent businesses grow through vibrant packaging and impactful brand identities. We are individuals who get immersed in storytelling and love helping our partners bring their big stories to life. We strongly believe that exceptional design can and will make a positive difference for everyone.

Our studio fosters a collaborative approach that transcends aesthetics, working with good people for good people. As part of our design process, we actively listen to your goals to better understand your visions, values, and ambitions in order to create designs that help make your business better than it was yesterday.

White sweatshirt with Saunders Cider apple logo, a merch design for Saunders Farm.
Artzen Lemon Ginger Kombucha: A refreshing citrus drink with a zesty twist of ginger, perfect for a summer day.
Ace Valley's Moonwave cannabis beverage: a sleek pink illustration with varying shades, highlighting the packaging and refreshing flavour.

Enhancing our community through design, one step at a time.

We're here to make sure your business succeeds. Design is just one part of our approach; the rest involves forming strong partnerships, building trust, and empowering individuals to showcase their authentic selves. Our passion lies in uniting people and crafting meaningful work and spaces that truly matter.

Why We're Different

We're not just designers; we're your creative allies in visual storytelling. Coming from a small town and navigating the constraints of the cannabis industry, we've mastered being resourceful to bring imaginative visions to life.

We design with character and a touch of friendly rebellion, celebrating brand uniqueness in an ever-changing world. We prioritize authenticity over trends — focusing on creating spaces and work that deeply connect with consumers through the enduring impact of personal stories and genuine selves.

We value collaboration in our design process, actively involving partners for their input, building trust and unity. We don't just work for them; we work with them.

We're committed to our partners' success. We ask tough yet ethical questions to grasp your challenges from the start. Our dedication lies in maintaining ethical standards, stressing honesty and transparency.

We aim to exceed our partners' expectations by prioritizing their goals, not ours. Our studio values fairness, respect, and courtesy for everyone, regardless of background—be it collaborators or partners. Our main goal is to create a community that fosters a sense of belonging and supports individuality.

We excel at problem-solving and thinking unconventionally. We see limitations as opportunities to showcase creativity for others' needs, not obstacles.

We support independent businesses because we believe their success contributes to thriving communities.

TLDR: We focus on creating meaningful experiences, evoking emotions, and forming lasting connections. Our studio blends creative design with community purpose to turn your stories into thriving opportunities. ⚡️

What we offer

Feel free to explore our wide variety of exciting offerings. If you have something specific in mind beyond what's listed here, feel free to contact us directly and we'll see what we can do. ✌️

Need something else?

We work with web developers, motion designers, animators, photographers, and illustrators in and outside Ottawa. If you need something outside of the list above, feel free to reach out to us below and we'll help you out.

Our Team

Annie Pandolfi is a designer and illustrator based in Ottawa. After earning her creative stripes at Algonquin College's Photography and Graphic Design programs in 2011 and 2020, she set out to pave her own path. After seven successful years freelancing in photography, she decided to shift gears to pursue her dream of becoming a brand and package designer.

In her four years of designing, Annie has worked in a variety of industries, including advertising, cannabis, alcohol, microbreweries, hospitality, lifestyle, medical, travel, and education. She's an all-around creative Swiss army knife that's passionate about creating a welcoming environment for everyone.

In her free time, Annie enjoys rummaging antique shops, daydreaming about her next pair of Dr. Martens, and kicking off her work week with new tunes from Spotify—each and every Monday.

Fun facts about us
Do you have any weird superstitions?
Heck yeah! I steer clear of antique shops that house haunted items and avoid messing with Ouija boards. Hard pass, that experience is meant to stay seen through good ol’ Youtube!
What is your worst life choice?
Letting my parents cut my bangs short as a child. In the '90s, I could have been the poster child for Goody with all the bobby pins I used until those awful bangs grew out. No idea why they thought that was a rad idea for this wavy-haired gal.