Brand Identity + Packaging

Bedrocan is a cannabis company that strives to produce standardized cannabis in various pharmaceutical formats to meet the needs of drug developers. I created a new visual identity for Bedrocan's products while also shifting the company's focus toward developing sustainable packaging. Cannabis users want packaging that feels less medical and more inviting, but Bedrocan also wanted something that expressed its family origins. At the time, we were still going through legalization, and there was quite a bit of stigma surrounding the adverse health effects of cannabis. This project was super important to me as someone who believes in cannabis education and fighting those stigmas. To showcase the company's devotion to both family and employees—I focused on creating a duo-toned pattern that used vintage photography of its founders to tell its company's origin story. I used existing strain colours to make each duotone, allowing every strain to have a voice behind the counter. This design wasn't just about aesthetics. The entire packaging was redesigned to be constructed with 100% environmentally friendly options. The whole concept is 100% recyclable through the Terracycle program.